Empowering lives through learning and skills.

Advocates provide violence education services to the victims in the language that they speak.

Our staff are trained to provide culturally specific safeguards. The community and family advocates provide ongoing training and education on topics relating to community violence and sexual assault, trauma-informed care, active listening, crisis counseling, cultural competency, and intersectionality, along with many other topics for advocates who work at our outreach office. All advocates also partake in ongoing continuing education and training.

Help from Different Venues:

VEAW’s past work with community leaders and religious institutions enables it to bring together different stakeholders from the community to talk about viable solutions and, at the same time, seek governmental resources of both financial and non-financial resources.

VEAW continues to undertake training and workshops geared mainly towards mothers and youth. These workshops provide platforms for the youth to express what is going on in their environment and how they are coping with issues they encounter in their day-to-day lives.

VEAW has been at the forefront of addressing and engaging the issues of violence against women and youth and, in particular, the youth mental health and violence substantiated by the COVID-19 pandemic and trauma. VEAW provides monthly cultural healing for families.

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