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Diverse programs tailored to empower and uplift our community members.

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Domestic/ Sexual Violence and Legal Advocacy

Providing legal support and refuge from domestic and sexual violence.

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Housing Stability &Outreach Advocacy

Ensuring safe housing and essential resources for those in need.

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Training and Education

Educating and training for a brighter, more informed future.

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Welcome toVoice of East African Woman (VEAW)

Voice of East African Woman (VEAW) was founded in 2012 in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, to help East African women and their families face housing, health, and safety challenges. We empower women, children, and youth by confronting domestic and youth violence, housing, and food insecurity issues. Our approach is community-based, and we achieve this through the Circle of Mothers Roundtable, Somali Youth Link, and SAFI Program.

We are committed to building a stronger and empowered community through affordable housing initiatives, support circles, and youth programs. Join us to make a lasting difference.

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Join us in making change - your effort matters greatly.

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Your sponsorship can transform lives and foster hope.

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Your support is vital in our fight for justice and equality.

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We Are Committed Our Mission Statement

Promote individualized safety planning based on our belief that women are the experts in their lives through promising and best practices in education intervention and prevention. We seek to advocate that the voices of East African women, children, and youth are heard by bringing the community together to support each other in times of crisis, homelessness, and change.

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