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Voice of East African Woman (VEAW) is a Minnesota-based organization founded in 2012 to empower and support immigrant families, women, youth, and elders. We provide various services, including housing, health, and safety, focusing on combatting domestic and youth violence and alleviating housing and food insecurity. Our initiatives, like the Affordable Housing and Homeownership Programs, Circle of Mothers Roundtable, Somali Youth Link, and SAFI program, work towards creating a safe, inclusive, and prosperous environment for all.

We offer the following programs:

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Training and Education

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Domestic/Sexual Violence and Legal Advocacy

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Housing Stability &Outreach Advocacy

Somali Youth Link S.Y.L.

Somali Youth Link. (SYL) Cultural Community Violence Intervention

Voice of East African Woman (VEAW) Provides Support and Connects East African Women With the Services That They Need

Farhio House is a shelter where East African and Muslim women and their children can find safety, shelter, counseling, and other services to improve their health and well-being.

  • File an Order for Protection (OFP): If a family or household member has physically hurt you or your children or has threatened to hurt you or your children, the advocate can help you apply for an OFP through the court. There is no charge for this. The advocate will file your order and give it to the sheriff for the order to be served.
  • Regular Circle of Mothers: Roundtable meetings where East African women can support each other and discuss issues that impact them.
  • Advocacy for women at our office: This advocacy includes helping East African women navigate the system and providing information and referrals to other community agencies where appropriate.
  • Regular support group meetings of women for education about domestic abuse, sex abuse, and sex trafficking.
  • Community meetings where we discuss important issues that impact East African communities. These meetings empower women to be more active in defining problems and solutions.
  • Interpreter Services: The East African Advocate can provide interpreter services in Somali, Arabic, Swahili, Amharic, and others.
  • Advocacy: Farhio House Advocate can explain the civil and criminal court processes. They can help make referrals and will go to court with you. The Advocate can refer to resources at the VEAW office and resources outside of VEAW and the Metro Area Domestic Abuse Centers.

By bringing the community together to support each other in a time of crisis and change, Farhio House Shelter is the hub that provides a forum and a place that creates an environment of support and healing. We are building a bridge to open communication pathways with East African women and children.

At Voice of East African Woman (VEAW), we believe in the power of unity and collective action to address and overcome the challenges faced by our community.

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