Fostering peace and resilience in youth culture.

Somali Youth Link is an initiative that addresses the pressing issue of escalating dangerous behaviors among at-risk and vulnerable Somali youth in our community. Recognizing this urgent need, our organization has partnered with local law enforcement agencies, the city of Minneapolis, and the State to create a proactive approach to prevent these activities before they escalate. The SYL- Patrolling Ambassadors for peace in these places and these ambassadors of peace will try to change the outcome of unpredictable situations into a favorable, predictable situation.


The purpose of the weekly workshops is twofold:

Allowing the youth to tell their story and what they see in their natural world; this environment is being at home, In school, and after school, Park Place, marketplace, worship place, own neighborhood, recreation place, and others. The events occurring in these places will have negative and positive outcomes for the young youth as they drown in these waters.

VEAW continues to undertake weekly workshops geared mainly towards youth and mothers. These workshops provide platforms for the youth to express what is happening in their environment and how they cope with daily issues.

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