Providing support and justice for survivors.

Our community-based office provides victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence within the community with culturally specific women and youth services. Our community-based advocate is culturally competent and multilingual and provides services to those within our East African and immigrant/refugee communities with the services that they need. Our outreach office works closely with county and other government-based services and coordinates services with our shelter or other shelters and mental health providers as well if such services are needed.

Advocates at our Outreach office provide clients with legal advocacy services. These services include assistance with civil court matters such as the filling out and filing of Orders for Protection and Harassment Restraining Orders. We provide court preparation in the language that the client speaks to assist our clients in understanding the court process as well as court support during a hearing. We assist clients in filing for divorce and court support during family court matters as well. We can provide our clients with assistance with locating and securing attorneys if needed. We also provide victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking with court support during criminal-based hearings if needed.

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